We are a large family with 10 children and we live in the country on 6 1/2 acres.  Our children range in age from 30 to 11.  Of course not all live at home, but all return to help with the CSA and the cows.  We believe first of all in family and that family is the top priority.  We believe in God and try to live according to his laws.  We believe in helping our neighbor which happens to be anyone we come across who may be in need.  We run a CSA farm and employ our children, their friends, and others.  We  raise beef cattle (Angus and Piedmontese) and sell those who are looking for naturally raised beef.  We believe in naturally grown vegetables and beef without any pesticides or chemically based fertilizers, hormones, or steroids.  We also believe that things in our country have gotten out of hand in not only the food industry, but in many other industries.  We need to support local farmers, small business, American made things, and economies independent of government intervention.  

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Here at Roberts Ranch & Gardens, we have 6 1/2 beautiful acres of land most recently used as a horse ranch with a large barn, corrals, large pastures, and acres of gardens.
In 2009, after over 25 years of growing large gardens for our family, we  created a CSA Farm.  Those who purchase shares in our farm receive fresh, locally grown chemical free produce in 16 weekly baskets throughout the summer. We also offer grass-fed, hormone free,  angus and piedmontese beef, free range chicken eggs, honey from the bees on our farm, and flower starts in the spring.  
We work with 2 other ranchers in the area who raise their cattle as we raise ours - without hormones, steroids, or grain feeding to fatten at the end.  All the cattle are pasture fed on land that is not sprayed with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.    The Piedmontese is one of the tenderest and yet leanest beef around with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, less cholesterol than fish or chicken and an all around healthy choice.
We cater to the Utah County area and are one of two or possibly three CSA farms in the Utah Valley.

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